5 Best Mechanical Keyboards Under Rs 5000 In India

Some of the Mechanical Keyboards don’t come with numerical keys but the GAMDIAS has added the same on GAMDIAS Hermes M5.


The key sound is also awesome, the sound is not that loud or too low, it’s well balanced by GAMDIAS. By the way, it has Blue Mechanical Switch.

If you don’t like big keyboards and wanted a compact Mechanical Keyboard then do consider the HUO JI Z-88


So if you want to change the RGB lights then you have to use the FN + combination keys. By the way, it has Pluggable Brown Switch.

The Redragon K551 doesn’t have support for software which means even if you want to change the colors of keys then you have to do it from the keyboard itself.

Redragon K551

By the way, this is not a true RGB keyboard, it has a breathing effect which is another downside of Redragon K551.

The GAMDIAS Hermes M5A is a downgraded version of Gamdias Hermes M5.

Gamdias Hermes M5A

If you ask me, I would pay Rs 1000 and go with Gamdias Hermes M5 because of the colors, build quality, and that RGB lights.

The ‎HUO JI ‎Z-11 comes with a type-C port for connectivity, Full 61 Keys Anti-ghosting, and 21+ backlight modes while the keyboard doesn’t have the numerical keys and software support.

HUO JI ‎Z-11

The keyboard is available in RED as well as Blue switch, you can choose any option from amazon as per your preference.