5 Best Mechanical Keyboards Under Rs 5000 In India

I for one use Logitech G213 Gaming Keyboard for composing, gaming, or all sort of different errands since it’s functioned admirably for a really long time, so I don’t want to supplant it except if and until something turns out badly.

All things considered, I looked for loads of consoles under Rs 5000 and entertaining thing is, we don’t have numerous Mechanical Keyboards however we in all actuality do have very of few great ones which I’m going to impart to you.


A portion of the Mechanical Keyboards don’t accompany mathematical keys yet the GAMDIAS has included a similar GAMDIAS Hermes M5.

It additionally accompanies six inherent lighting impacts which will look perfect while gaming. The form quality is additionally perfect, it doesn’t feel modest from anyplace.

The key sound is additionally magnificent, the sound isn’t that boisterous or excessively low, it’s even by GAMDIAS. Coincidentally, it has Blue Mechanical Switch.

Here comes the plan, I mean gander at the picture I have added above, it will give you a decent energy while you’re utilizing it, that blue variety looks great as well, it won’t disappear following a month of utilization.

The main downside is, that there is no product support, so you will not ready to redo this console as you like. Other than that, I noised no different disadvantages.


In the event that you could do without large consoles and needed a minimized Mechanical Keyboard then, at that point, do consider the HUO JI Z-88, it has nearly all that you’re searching for with the exception of the product support.

One thing to note here is that it doesn’t have the mathematical keys.

So if you have any desire to change the RGB lights then you need to utilize the FN + mix keys. Coincidentally, it has Pluggable Brown Switch.

Huo will give you 1 x keycap puller, 1 x switch puller, and 5 x extra switches if in the event that you had any desire to clean the console or simply take a look at the keys.

Once more, as this is Mechanical Keyboard, you will get great sound.

By and large the console isn’t overrated, it’s accessible at a sensible cost, so on the off chance that you need a conservative Mechanical Keyboard, do consider the HUO JI Z-88.

Redragon K551

All in dark however Redragon didn’t work really hard with regards to its plan, the console is made of plastic, so be cautious with it yet beneficially, Redragon K551 is accessible at Rs 3,499 which is a legitimate cost for what it’s contribution.

Coincidentally, the console accompanies mathematical keys.

The Redragon K551 doesn’t have support for programming which means regardless of whether you need to change the shades of keys then you need to do it from the actual console.

Likewise, there is no wrist cushion, so in the event that you utilize your PC or Laptop for quite a while and in the event that you intend to purchase Redragon K551, ensure you purchase a wrist cushion independently.

Coincidentally, this is definitely not a genuine RGB console, it has a breathing impact which is one more drawback of Redragon K551.

In general, the Redragon K551 is a decent choice to consider at Rs 3499 yet in the event that you can go above 4k then you could have to check the initial two consoles out.

Gamdias Hermes M5A

The GAMDIAS Hermes M5A is a downsized form of Gamdias Hermes M5.

The Gamdias Hermes M5A has a plastic form, and no RGB light (has LED lights) while it’s accessible at Rs 3,499 which is a decent choice in the event that you’re good with its downsides.

If you were to ask me, I would pay Rs 1000 and go with Gamdias Hermes M5 on account of the varieties, construct quality, and that RGB lights.

In any case, if you would rather not go above Rs 3,499 then the GAMDIAS Hermes M5A isn’t that terrible choice to consider.

HUO JI ‎Z-11

Last we have one more console from HUO JI. The ‎HUO JI ‎Z-11 accompanies a sort C port for network, Full 61 Keys Anti-ghosting, and 21+ backdrop illumination modes while the console doesn’t have the mathematical keys and programming support.

The console is accessible in RED too as Blue switch, you can pick any choice from amazon according to your inclination.

By and large, this also is a decent reduced Mechanical Keyboard accessible at a decent cost.


Presently, if you were to ask me, I would suggest you consider the GAMDIAS Hermes M5 as it looks great, the form quality is perfect, mathematical keys, and it’s accessible at a decent cost as well.

In any case, in the event that you need a conservative console, I have added very of not many choices, you can pick any of them and you will be more than content with its presentation.

Thanks for reading our article on 5 Best Mechanical Keyboards Under Rs 5000 In India

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